A Word to Pastors from Teaming Up

Because pastors and local churches are God's primary means of growing and building the body of Christ, and because the weakening of the Christian family has challenged the ministry focus and effectiveness of the local church, at Teaming Up we desire to:
  • support and cooperate with the pastors and churches of our area. 
  • strengthen families and encourage them to support and assist their church's ministries
  • help churches begin, or strengthen, ministry to families.
We encourage parents to:
  • be intentional in spiritual training, 
  • 'declare' their goals and plans to like­minded and supportive adults, 
  • be 'heart coaches' for their children and
  • model a life of meaning and service in their families, communities, and churches.
We desire to create a sustainable model of ministry at Teaming Up that can be replicated in any local church. 
We want to train Christians to lead an effective mentoring ministry to the parents and families of their local churches.