What are Your Chances of Success as a Christian Parent?

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Have you ever felt like quitting your parenting job? It stinks at times, right? There are just too many messes to clean, moods to navigate, and conflicts to get through.  And that's just what we parents bring to the mix.  Add children and their concerns and calendars, and the stress multiplies.

I remember more than once saying to my wife, Mary, “I'm done with child raising. I've served my time.  I'm ready for this stage of life to be over.”  Mary went on strike a few times, too, over working conditions, wages, and benefits.

Life is Lived in Seasons.

Now our children are in their 20's and 30's. But you may still be in the thick of it, so to speak, with child raising.

Trust us, it will soon seem like these years flew right by. Your days of 24/7 parenting are numbered. Make the most of the time you have left. Here are some ideas for increasing the likelihood of success:

Remember what's most important.

It's easy to get bogged down by the daily grind. We can quickly lose our focus on the most important reason we are raising children: to show them Jesus and why living in Him, and to honor Him, is the best life possible.

Our influence is powerful. We have amazing potential to shape our child's heart and will towards God and His plan for their lives.

It helps to break it down to this: loving God with all of your being and rubbing off on those closest to you.  We should renew this calling day by day.

Could you use a little help with this?

You may feel inadequate to compete with the many crazy messages and enticements your children receive daily.  If you sometimes feel alone and uncertain, we can relate.

You can do this!

Wouldn't it help if you had more support from those around you? Don't do this in isolation. You need some lifelines!

Mary and I don't claim to be experts, but then you already have plenty of experts online, on stage, or in print to help you when you need them.

We think you need other 'ordinary' parents supporting you, too. People you know who are on the journey with you and invest in your kids, too.  People with whom you can safely trade stories of struggles and victories. People who will value your parenting hopes and dreams, who won't judge you for what you've done or how things are going now.

If you partner with God and others to guide your child towards His plan, your chances for success will increase significantly.


How About you? When have you felt like quitting your 'parent job'? Do you have supportive friends and family who 'increase your odds'?

If not, how would it help you to have such a support system? 

What would it take to engage a support team for your family?