A Word to Parents

Even as the values and attitudes of society are changing dramatically, these can be times of excitement and success for the Christian family.
Amidst stress and doubt, God does not change.  His power and love do not diminish.  He will continue to build His church and He wants to write a story of Grace in your family!
There are no guarantees - the best, most intentional families sometimes face discouraging outcomes.  Each one of us makes his own faith journey.
But don't underestimate your ability! You are uniquely designed and gifted to have a great influence on your children despite your doubts, excuses, or past failures.  
Spiritually mentoring a child will probably require you to grow as well.  What God calls you to do, He equips you to do well!
At Teaming Up, we want to help you build a strategy that will work for you and a support team that will be there for you.
We encourage you to be actively involved in a local church which supports your family and God's plan for them. In your local church, your household can worship God in a community of faith. You can grow in grace and the knowledge of God's truth, and in service to God and others.  It is a good place to form a supportive network of mature believers who will strengthen you and help you pursue your ambitions for your family. 
We want to strengthen area families and churches.  We want to help churches become more effective in building a strong foundation of healthy families within their congregations.