One More Big Adventure

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I've got one more thing to do before I cash in my chips.

Oh, I know I've probably got thousands of trash cans to haul to the curb and billions of leaves to rake in my future. And, God willing, many more hours at work and church and having a wonderful time with my wife, friends, and family.

But on my bucket list I only have one more big thing I want to do.

Actually, I started writing a bucket list, but I scrapped it.

Not that I'm against them. If you are marking off marathons and skydives from your checklist while you still have the time and energy, I salute you.

But I'm not much of a thrill seeker and I will be fine if I don't see ancient ruins up close before I go.

To accomplish this one thing, though, would be a great rush for me. It's what inspires me now.

What's Tugging At Me

I want to find ways to help Christian parents live valiantly and with zeal, to inspire their children to live for Jesus and bring others with them. I want to help them see it can be an exciting, hopeful, rewarding journey. I want them to not just survive parenting, but to love influencing their children toward a dynamic life of worshiping and serving our awesome Creator.

Holding on to your parenting dreams is a risky, daunting task. Hope can be hard to hold on to. It requires focus, determination and perseverance. You try to set a humble and passionate example.

You really should have a support team to do life with, that shares your hopes and dreams, doubts and fears, wins and losses. Even with a support team, there are no guarantees.

Mary and I know parenting is difficult. Our kids endured a lot of mistakes and excesses and shortcomings. It took the entire time for us to learn it's about letting God parent them and being good support people for Him.

I've Got My Work Cut Out

Doing my part to encourage parents will require a lot of writing, starting with this blog. I like to write, but I'm just getting started as a writer. I'm learning writing takes a lot more work than I thought it should.

I will need to pray a lot, too. I do pray, but I will need to pray more fervently, more often.

It will also require leadership, which has not been my greatest strength. It plays right into my biggest fears.

My biggest fear is being rejected. I think that if I lead something, I should do so perfectly in a way that pleases everyone and gets amazing results. Anything less would be letting everyone down by my failure. Oh, and speaking of failure, I fear failure, too.

Think of Moses making excuses or Gideon hiding from the enemy.

But I'm ready because His strength is made perfect in my weakness. Think about that concept. Moses and Gideon were victorious because of that!

I am driven by the thought of making a difference in a family, or in a child's faith, for a lifetime. This challenge is my version of rafting the Colorado River or meeting James Caviezel, the other Jesus.

I know this task is certainly not on my shoulders alone. It has been lived out by countless thousands of parents and leaders over the centuries. But it has been given to me to do my part, at this time, and for this cause. I want to do what I can. It requires stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing myself as God sees me, not as I see myself.

What does God see in me? I'm thinking He sees a writer and a leader.

One step at a time.

Tell me – What is God encouraging and equipping you to do??