Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Teaming Up Is a non­denominational Christian ministry established to develop local support, encouragement, and resources to help Christian parents pursue God's plan for their families.


Mission Statement:

To help Christian parents embrace and fulfill their calling with hope and enthusiasm.  To help them develop a strategy and a support network for reaching the outcomes that God desires for their families. To encourage Christian families to help their local churches grow. To assist the local church's efforts to strengthen families.


Vision:  to help parents establish a pattern of intentionality that will impact many generations


Our Core Values:

Prayer - A foundation of prayer on which to build ministry

Unity - United by common beliefs, values, and goals for families and for the Teaming Up ministry.

Authenticity - Humility, openness, honesty, and teachability.

Alignment - All we do will be aligned with our mission statement.

Acceptance - Fully accepting each parent as Jesus does, affirming their desire to honor Christ and influence their children, and supporting them through highs and lows, victories and challenges

Focus and Intentionality - Working a plan, valuing accountability, desiring to influence those around us, especially the next generation, to be disciples, and disciple-makers, for Jesus Christ

Serving and Guiding - Serving others, meeting needs, offering encouragement, hope, and help, mentoring families and children through example and insight.  We want to our support team to be 'gaining more than they are giving.'