“Game Changers”

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Game Changers - factors that increase the likelihood that our children will have a strong and stable faith.  Luke 10:27

(note - Lists can be troublesome. In parenting, focusing on a list can lead to legalism or unrealistic and misplaced expectations. This one is a work in progress.)


Open Hearts

unconditional love, resolving resentment and hurt promptly

low anger - high honor, many shared experiences


Real Faith

high priority,

not phony or passive

humility, gratitude, selflessness, transparency



coaching the heart

mentors who inspire

ability to sense and value God's Presence



Seeing life, people, issues,

and choices as God does

The Bible is our source for Truth


Life Purpose

We're here to Love God,

point to Christ,

make a difference



accept risk to serve and grow

value personal responsibility and character

de-value materialism, comfort, and ease



a larger circle of lasting friendships

praying, worshiping, serving, playing, and

working together