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“Game Changers”

Game Changers - factors that increase the likelihood that our children will have a strong and stable faith.  Luke 10:27

(note - Lists can be troublesome. In parenting, focusing on a list can lead to legalism or unrealistic and misplaced expectations. This one is a work in progress.)


Open Hearts

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One More Big Adventure

I've got one more thing to do before I cash in my chips.

Oh, I know I've probably got thousands of trash cans to haul to the curb and billions of leaves to rake in my future. And, God willing, many more hours at work and church and having a wonderful time with my wife, friends, and family.

But on my bucket list I only have one more big thing I want to do.

Actually, I started writing a bucket list, but I scrapped it.

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What are Your Chances of Success as a Christian Parent?

Have you ever felt like quitting your parenting job? It stinks at times, right? There are just too many messes to clean, moods to navigate, and conflicts to get through.  And that's just what we parents bring to the mix.  Add children and their concerns and calendars, and the stress multiplies.

I remember more than once saying to my wife, Mary, “I'm done with child raising. I've served my time.  I'm ready for this stage of life to be over.”  Mary went on strike a few times, too, over working conditions, wages, and benefits.

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